How do I get my photos featured?
Please share your swatches with us via our #dupethat hashtag. We frequently check this tag to find new photos to share. If your photo is high quality, well lit, isn’t something we’ve already shared or duped, it is very likely it will be featured! You will always receive credit when we repost your photo.

How do I contact you to request a dupe?
Although you may contact us however you’d like to request a dupe, we’d prefer contacting us by email at Please know that while we try our best to fulfill all dupe requests, we usually post dupes as we find them and are currently swamped trying to ambitiously dupe entire permanent lines of your favorite brands!

How do I contact you to review my brand?
If you’d like us to try your products, please contact us through e-mail

Why don’t you swatch on different skin tones?
We understand how important it us for our followers to see products swatched on different skin tones. We are unable to share our own swatches on different skin tones as we are just two women who are both fair skinned. However, we always encourage our followers to use our #dupethat tag on Instagram. We frequently post photos from this tag, giving us the opportunity to share different products, different dupes, and different skin tones.

Why don’t you post more comparison photos?
We understand that it would be helpful for our followers if we swatched every color that may be a dupe with a certain product. However, this would be very expensive for us to do! We will post comparisons if they are similar enough, or if we get an overwhelming response for a certain product to be compared.

Why did you post a dupe that I found?
As mentioned above, we love to share photos that others post on our #dupethat hashtag on Instagram. We always give credit when we repost others photos. On the off chance that we have shared a dupe or swatches of our own that you have already shared, please know that it is not intentional. We are constantly thinking about which products may be dupes and have no reason to steal ideas for dupes from anywhere else. We may be inspired from others’ photos to swatch products ourselves. In this case, we always give credit to those who shared it first.

Why was I blocked from your page?
In the event that we find your comments to be intentionally rude, disrespectful, and not constructive to ourselves, other followers, or those that we feature, your comments will be removed and you will be blocked from participating on our page. We strive to keep @dupethat a positive community and cyber-bullying is unacceptable on our pages. In addition, self promoting your page in the comments (especially on a feature) is incredibly disrespectful and will in turn, get you blocked. Please respect our page and avoid doing these things!

Why don’t you do more giveaways?
We provide giveaways for our followers fairly frequently. While we sometimes have items sponsored from certain brands, the majority of our giveaway items are purchased out of our own pockets. In an effort to pay our rent, we can’t afford to host giveaways as often as we’d like to!

Why are most of your giveaways “U.S. Only”?
As mentioned above, the majority of our giveaways are items that are purchased out of our own pockets. We also pay to ship the items out. It is very expensive to ship with tracking internationally, so we can’t always afford to always ship out of the country. However, we have held international giveaways in the past and will continue to do them in the future!

Why do you post dupes that are the same price?
Knowing which items are considered “dupes” of each other is important, regardless of their price. While we strive to find the most affordable alternative for you, we also share products within the same price range. We do this to help you avoid buying one product that is a dupe for something you may already have, and therefore, save you money. Sharing dupes, regardless of price point, is also helpful to those with certain brand preferences, formula preferences, who cannot access a certain product in their country, out of stock items, etc.

This isn’t a dupe, why would you swatch these together?
We frequently swatch items together that are not dupes. We do this for a few reasons; We may receive requests from our followers, which we try to meet as often as we can. People love to see comparisons, whether it be to avoid buying something that is similar to what they have, or to see how different it actually is! It’s informative, regardless of if it’s a dupe, to see similar products on the market.

Do you have a discount code?
All of the discount codes we have available to you can be found on the Discount Codes section of our website. We also signify which codes/links are affiliate codes, which we make a small commission from.

How do I know which swatch is which?
All of our swatches will be labeled correctly. The brand and product name will be shown directly on top of that products swatch. There are often (at least) two photos next to each other of the same products, as we show them in various lighting. Showing how products look in different lighting is incredibly helpful, as products can often look like dupes in one light, but look completely different in another. We do this to prove (or disprove) the similarities of the products we’re sharing.